O’Brien out? No way.

Okay so waking up this morning and reading the morning NFL news was like a roller coaster, on one hand the Texans will be hosting the raiders in the first game of the play offs. If this was the case before the Derek Carr injury it would have been a terrible situation and I would have been confident that we were going to get our asses handed to us. But with the Carr injury and last nights injury to Matt Mcgloin I think this is the easiest match up we could have been handed and our best chance of reaching the next round.

Then I read the disgusting news that Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer has been tweeting that Bill O’Brien and the Texans could part ways.  Even if it is the case that O’Brien and Bob McNair aren’t on the best of terms. O’Brien has led us to the play offs in all three years as head coach, with a selection of terrible quarter backs. O’Brien has done an amazing job with the Texans and if he can finally find a quarter back he can trust, and it could be Tom Savage, then the Texans could definitely be a force in the AFC overall rather than just the AFC south. I hope no blame is going towards O’Brien over the Osweiler situation.

The thought that O’Brien could be fired before Rick Smith is ridiculous. Rick Smith has been a steady general manager over the last decade. He has built a decent team and hired an excellent head coach. His failure to sort out the quarter back position though cannot be ignored and reading that other franchises our looking at our own Brian Gaine as a potential general manager makes me think that maybe its time to move on from Smith and give Gaine a chance at GM?

Bottom line is that we cannot under any circumstance loose Bill O’Brien.



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