1st post & 10

My love for the NFL the last couple of years has grown leaps and bounds. Before then I was just a fan of the league With no real allegiance to a franchise and bouncing from team to team. Then a couple seasons ago I watched the Houston Texans series of Hard Knocks and as they say the rest is history. I was in love. Everything about them was for me. JJ Watt, De’andre Hopkins and the foul mouthed (much like myself) Bill O’brien. I was hooked and I had found my team. 
Since then I haven’t missed a Texans game and became enchanted by the NFL. They have quickly became a fascination. My love for fantasy football is fairly recent and I have only took part seriously this season. So I am fairly new to it. I was in five standard leagues using NFL fantasy site. Four of the leagues was with random NFL managed leagues. I did fairly well in these and last week secured two championships probably down to the fact that half the people loose interest And don’t manage their leagues after a couple of weeks. The other league was a private one I set up myself with some friends. This is the league that mattered, the one that I channelled all my attention to and was adamant I’d win. I was wrong, after a great start going 4-0, due to terrible look and bad decisions I came second from bottom and then went on to loose in our leagues version of the ‘sacko’ (refer to the tv show the league if you don’t know what I mean).
So due to my love of the NFL, The Texans and Fantasy Football. I have decided to start a blog. So I can write about my pain that I have to go through as a Texan and as a poor decision maker in FF.
I will also probably comment on College Football, which I have no alliances and pretty much like everyone.



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