O’Brien out? No way.

Okay so waking up this morning and reading the morning NFL news was like a roller coaster, on one hand the Texans will be hosting the raiders in the first game of the play offs. If this was the case before the Derek Carr injury it would have been a terrible situation and I would have been confident that we were going to get our asses handed to us. But with the Carr injury and last nights injury to Matt Mcgloin I think this is the easiest match up we could have been handed and our best chance of reaching the next round.

Then I read the disgusting news that Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer has been tweeting that Bill O’Brien and the Texans could part ways.  Even if it is the case that O’Brien and Bob McNair aren’t on the best of terms. O’Brien has led us to the play offs in all three years as head coach, with a selection of terrible quarter backs. O’Brien has done an amazing job with the Texans and if he can finally find a quarter back he can trust, and it could be Tom Savage, then the Texans could definitely be a force in the AFC overall rather than just the AFC south. I hope no blame is going towards O’Brien over the Osweiler situation.

The thought that O’Brien could be fired before Rick Smith is ridiculous. Rick Smith has been a steady general manager over the last decade. He has built a decent team and hired an excellent head coach. His failure to sort out the quarter back position though cannot be ignored and reading that other franchises our looking at our own Brian Gaine as a potential general manager makes me think that maybe its time to move on from Smith and give Gaine a chance at GM?

Bottom line is that we cannot under any circumstance loose Bill O’Brien.



Texans 17 – 24 Titans

  • Well that was a painful watch, not that I expected anything exciting from a week seventeen match up that was meaningless to us. It was downhill from our first posession when the right side of the offensive line let Tom Savage take a hit which led him to fumble the ball allowing the Titans defence to recover in our end zone for a touchdown. Things couldn’t really get much worse, oh wait a few plays later Tom savage takes a hit after sneaking for a first down after 4th & 1 and is ushered out the game for Concussion by the officials. Enter the interception machine Mr Osweiler, who actually performed quite for his standards. At one point late in the second it seemed Savage was coming back into the game after being cleared for a Concussion only at half time to be re assessed and be deemed unable to carry on. It was a strange game which felt like a practice game more then anything we tried a few things out you’d never see in regular season games. Even though we lost the game, on the hurry up offence Brock actually made some good plays and we looked a lot more promising. I’m just glad this was a meaningless tie otherwise it would of been quite worrying. Our O line needs to step up its game if we’re going to stand any chance next week in the play offs. I will also be praying Savage is not deemed concussed and won’t miss any prep, otherwise we could actually end up seeing Osweiler back in as starter in the most important game of the year. A terrifying proposition. There was one bright spot that came from the game and that was that Hopkins showed a couple flashes of brilliance, something we’ve certainly not seen enough of this regularseason.

1st post & 10

My love for the NFL the last couple of years has grown leaps and bounds. Before then I was just a fan of the league With no real allegiance to a franchise and bouncing from team to team. Then a couple seasons ago I watched the Houston Texans series of Hard Knocks and as they say the rest is history. I was in love. Everything about them was for me. JJ Watt, De’andre Hopkins and the foul mouthed (much like myself) Bill O’brien. I was hooked and I had found my team. 
Since then I haven’t missed a Texans game and became enchanted by the NFL. They have quickly became a fascination. My love for fantasy football is fairly recent and I have only took part seriously this season. So I am fairly new to it. I was in five standard leagues using NFL fantasy site. Four of the leagues was with random NFL managed leagues. I did fairly well in these and last week secured two championships probably down to the fact that half the people loose interest And don’t manage their leagues after a couple of weeks. The other league was a private one I set up myself with some friends. This is the league that mattered, the one that I channelled all my attention to and was adamant I’d win. I was wrong, after a great start going 4-0, due to terrible look and bad decisions I came second from bottom and then went on to loose in our leagues version of the ‘sacko’ (refer to the tv show the league if you don’t know what I mean).
So due to my love of the NFL, The Texans and Fantasy Football. I have decided to start a blog. So I can write about my pain that I have to go through as a Texan and as a poor decision maker in FF.
I will also probably comment on College Football, which I have no alliances and pretty much like everyone.